Can't Make Your Reverb Work
In The Track?
Then It's Time For
The Abbey Road Reverb Trick!

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Hi, I'm Bobby Owsinski. 

You may know me from my Mixing Engineer's Handbook (used as a text book in audio programs in over 1,000 colleges and universities around the world) or Audio Mixing Bootcamp books, my courses on, my blogs or podcast. 

Every mixer needs some special tricks to elevate a track from boring to boffo, and I want to share some cool mixing tricks with you that are part of my 101 Mixing Tricks coaching program that I learned from some of the best mixers in the world.

If you liked this trick, then I want to give you 3 more ultra-useful mixing tricks that will help you take your mixes to the next level as well. 

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Here are the next tricks that you'll get:

  • The Super Stereo Delay Vocal Trick (give a vocal some live without having the effect stand out)
  • The Real New York City Compression Trick (make that rhythm section kick harder than you thought possible)
  • The Hot And Loud Mix Trick (to give you that "radio-ready" sound)

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